3D printing: Kinematics dress

The tailored suit printing in 3D. “Indeed, in 4D” says the design’s study US Nervous System, which has managed to achieve – within the project Kinematics – a perfect cocktail dress entirely packed with a printer in three dimensions.

The Kinematics system provides a way to turn any three-dimensional shape into a flexible structure using 3D printing. Kinematics combines computational geometry techniques with rigid body physics and customization.

The dress will not be a mass of hard plastic because the fourth dimension that emphasizes Nervous System proudly represents its ability gown fit any shape when printed. This is because the fabric in question is composed of many triangular panels interconnected by small hinges. This allows you to compress the entire structure being printed, and then unfold it once completed. The final result, with lots of draping at the bottom, is remarkable: enough to have convinced the famous Museum of Modern Art MoMA in New York to acquired both the dress is the technology with which it was made.








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