Author: Monique P.

100% Kawaii

Truck Torrence  100% Soft is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. Today we present you his work around the films that make up our pop culture today but the “kawaii” universe is limitless. Info: é  

Kokeshi Dolls

In the age of technology and the spread of 3D printers and ‘easy to forget the beauty and value of the traditional method. Yasuo Okazaki creates a doll Kokeshi style Naruko with a technique passed down for over 400 years. The Kokeshi are a type of traditional Japanese wooden dolls. They are a product that is […]

Sampuru the fake food

In the windows of Japanese restaurants often see reproductions of tempting food menu offered made of pure and very artificial … plastic? Represent faithfully and in great detail sushi, sashimi, bowls of ramen and even pizza and plates of spaghetti with meat sauce! These replicas are born from the need to create appetite through a […]


Can you recognize logos reinvented by London designer Mehmet Gözetlik? Passionate about it already owes logos Series Minimalist effect in the maximalist market, where it épurait brands of packaging such as Nutella, Schweppes, or Pringles. He now returns with a series entitled Chinatown where he reflects large logos in Chinese. It is amazing to recognize […]

The many faces of David

The last example is that of the advertising campaign of a company producing weapons. But is not the only and will not be the last makeover in commercial background of the masterpiece by Michelangelo. Here as in the years David has been used for advertising, politics and art.  The American company ArmaLite arms factory has […]


Kytten Janae is an artist who works the art of GIF. It brings a lot of motion pictures, exhibits through his Tumblr. Both disturbing and disturbed, the artist offers images sometimes psychedelic, colorful, sometimes glaucous. The bodies are defined only by their envelopes, distorted and oozing, that come to life organically. Info:  é

Installations of Blood

The photos you see are part of the exhibition BLOOD / SPIRIT, the peculiarity is that the artist uses the blood to create surreal motifs in his works of art. The artist Jordan Eagles decided that the paint is not material enough staff and then opted to work with the blood. The works gruesome there […]

The Robot That Can Play Morra Chinese

There pc win tournaments in sacks, checkers, cards … Now comes the robot that can beat the time a human being morra Chinese. The robot was developed at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory the university of Tokyo and is able to win 100% of the time against a human at the game of scissors-paper-rock. It’s useless […]

Superheroes Buddhists

Pop icons of American cinema are transformed into pseudo religious statuettes. Chris Milnes, a 3D artist from New Jersey, has eliminated the formality of the icons by creating a series of small statues of Buddha with the features of the most popular superheroes pop and film as: Darth Vader, Frankenstein or Simpson, Ironman, Batman, Yota, […]

It’s Not Digital

The work of this artist is breathtaking! Because when an artist can do the job at hand that appears Digital (Then I ask myself: What did people think of this art before computers). Kazuki Takamatsu is creating paintings using a methodical process hand painting to get an impressive digital aesthetic. These paintings, part of the […]

A Disturbing Cat

Looking at these photos of cat Atchoum, seems to look a feline very disturbing and that could eat you soul, as if the cat Satan. This is what you can read in other posts. But Atchoum is just a cat, a cat’s normal that unfortunately has a disease that causes the growth of hair much […]

The village of Fox

Japan, is a magical place, covered with sanctuaries for some animals, because they are considered magical and benevolent. You should know that in Tashirogima, always in Japan there is the island of cats, but also the village of Foxes! In this paradise coexist six different species of fox, who run and play together in a […]

Self-portrait of Emoji

Say goodbye to the realism in portraits, Because a new art form is on the horizon and it does not look too shabby. Rapper and artist Yung Jake is in the business of using something that we often take for granted, emojis, to create portraits of celebrities. Creations are strangely impressive and have received Hundreds […]

Half Famous Faces

Enough with the usual mash-up, but this is new! The mash-up of celebrity faces with other famous faces, based on puns created by their names. Things like Spockahontas, Smiley Cyrus, Vanilla Isaac Newton, and Putintin. The results are not only comical, are quite impressive. Kalle Mattsson, a graphic designer in Stockholm, produces work under the […]

Famous Pin-Up Portraits

But you have thought about the international music stars such as; Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry, as they would be if they were pin-up? He thought, Renato Cunha, drew our international icons as if they were posters in a garage in the 50s! The set makes a lot and also the transport […]

Tiny, the hamster that celebrates Valentine’s Day

There once was a hamster, well then you are talking about hamsters! There is a little hamster with his lady, for which was organized a party for Valentine’s Day. Everything has been studied in detail, from dinner with noodles with meat sauce, the journey into the tunnel of love, a waiter and live music! Maybe […]

Fifty Shades of Grey Lego

All they want it all and expect this film! To date, with 2.75 million tickets sold amounted presale International Fifty Shades of Grey, the film adaptation of the book by EL James edited by Sam Taylor-Johnson that will be premiered at the Berlin Film Festival on February 11. In Italy will be released the next […]

The Most Creative Tea Infusers

If you are a lover of tea infusions, you can not miss this post! Now make tea has never been so fun! You will love these tea infusers creative! Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, even more than coffee! But most people use tea bags, if they want to drink a quick […]

Sculpture Plume

What do you look? At first I thought fossere strange monsters and actually know but they are not at the same time. I think they are spectacular works! Gwire Kate is an English artist born in 1964 and has specialized for 10 years in the sculpture feather. Using feathers of pigeons that he collects patiently, […]

Il Braghettone

The gigantic work of art that covers the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was not always unanimous. In fact, after the death of the painter Michelangelo, Pope Paul IV said he was offended by the omnipresence of nudity in this fresco and tried to make it disappear. The Italian artist Daniele da Volterra then saved […]

7 Cat Sins

Cats, by now, have become stars of the web, including Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, Lil Bub and Keyboard Cat, invading our daily virtual. Why not create illustrations with cats? it is in this spirit that the illustrator Marija Tiurina offers beautiful illustrations around the seven deadly sins … with cats! Info: é, Marija Tiurina

Marvellous Flowers

The photographer David de los Santos Gil gives us 3 minutes of pure beauty with a timelapse of the most beautiful flowers blossoming. This video will need nine months of work and more than 50,000 copies of which only 10% were eventually used. Gladiolus, lilium, hibiscus, carnations, orchids, dandelions, lilies, daisies, alstroemeria, peonies and Nigella […]


Who does not know the animal Alpaca? Keep an eye on him this animal because you create so many things! Installed for several years in New York, illustrator Ashley Farlow is definitely part of Generation lover of video games, cartoons and things kawaii .. He finds inspiration in everything around him and in particular in […]

Calaveras as Cartoon

If you love love stories but also to reflect the new film by Guillermo Del Toro is already a buzz on the internet and it is very nice! Colorful pictures, and inspired by the Mexican folklore, skulls beautifully decorated – the famous Calaveras – is what makes the next film. After Pacific Rim, Hellboy and […]

To Eat? Or Not To Eat?

Ounded in 2011 by the photographer and food stylist Claudia Castaldi and Stefano Citi, manufacturer designer TourDeFork is a culinary design studio. They work for both large companies and small local restaurants. Using the 3D printer, they are showing a real tour de force in the field of DIY and food. CASAfacile published in an […]

Poetic Jewellery

The Irish artist Robin Ruby loves nature so passionate, so as to block the beauty of nature in small paintings, glass bowls. The result is stunning, striking for its simplicity brilliant and surprisingly poetic. These little creations are curiosity laptops that can delight your eyes. He also gaining popularity due to the famous site Pinterest (go […]

Food Painter

The art of “culinary” Hikaru Cho, Japanese artist, creates illusions in the foods that we see every day, and the effect is great! There are things you do not expect! Some foods may not be what we see, and indeed it is so! To see what hides should try to peel the cucumber, or break […]

Puppets Designed by the Kids

A brilliant new idea in the business world moves forward! The initiative of a toy company of the company Budsies, creates toys designed by children. The principle is very simple, parents send to Budsies design child thinks a toy invented by his imagination and the company turns it into a stuffed toy. The toys made […]

Elizabethans Heroes and Princesses

What happens when an artist photographer decide to use modern heroes like Batman, Joker, Spiderman and and princesses by adding a touch of Flemish and the Elizabethan style? A strange mix that makes you laugh and restless at the same time, because some of the nineteenth-century clothes dress very well. The idea and the works […]


Juan Carlos Paz aka -bakea- is an illustrator and toy designer in Spanish particular universe. Its spooky-eyed creatures are reminiscent of the characters in Matt Groening (The Simpsons and Futurama) as well as Nick Park (Wallace & Gromit). Anxious to give credibility and list the creatures that sit in his mind, -bakea- plays one of […]

Barbie With Normal Measures

How would Barbie if she measures “normal” ?? The most famous doll in the world has undergone a facelift fake. An American artist has reshaped to make it look like a normal girl, with curves to the right place. This barbie does not exist, but it is real because the measures are in proportion with […]

Saint of the Catacombs

In 1578, an underground network was discovered in the chains of Rome and the time the researchers found thousands of skeletons were once Christians martyrs. Indeed, at a time when Rome was still under the polytheistic religion men were killed on suspicion of being saints, because of their courage and their full support to the […]

Famous Musician Portraits

For the opening of the vanguard and for the cultural magazine First Floor Under the artistic De Moreno and Mirco Pagano, have spent more than 200 hours of work overlap, organisation and alignment of CD. A fantastic result, in which there are seven portraits of world famous musicians or Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, […]

Anatomy of toys

Barbie, Super Mario, Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse as a surgeon would see them: come and discover the true face (ie the real organs) of the toys in the works of Jason Freeny, the New York artist who rebuilds the internal anatomy of the darlings of children . The idea of showing the organs and the […]

Optical Illusions Art

The boundaries of reality are represented through a surreal world created by the Swedish artist Erik Johansson: builds photos “impossible”. A magician of optical illusions art, because the laws of physics can not curb the imagination by the Swedish. “Working with the editing – says Johansson – is a bit ‘like painting a picture.” It […]

Transformation of Cats

Lovers and cat lovers of the world unite! Have you ever thought about how would our favorite characters drawn if they were cats? Well on the internet there too! Very often those who definsce nerd, otaku also loves cats and on this post I think everyone will agree! The designs are very funny. More info: […]

Tarot with The Lord of the Rings

For all the fans of the saga “The Lord of the Rings”, from Russia, the user SceithAilm deviantArt illustrated with great skill a series of tarot. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing their favorite protagonists and antagonists interpreting different entities in a deck magic. Gandalf, Aragorn, Arwin, Sam, Pip, and Merry and others. The […]

Art as Social

The classics of the art at the time of the social network is thought and contemporary reinterpretation of Emoji-Nation, illustrator Ukrainian Nastya nudnik you imagine the thoughts of the figures of classical paintings in key social and smartphones. More info: The work attributed to Dosso Dossi, the Ascension of Christ of the sixteenth century, […]

Zen Cat is Shironeko

Shironeko a kitten Japanese, also called Basketball zen, because of its peculiarity to sleep anywhere and small spaces, he has conquered the internet people. This beautiful cat, is very special especially because of his smile. He smiles everywhere, is happy anywhere, including the dirty carrots from the garden, in a colander for noodles or with […]

Clothes Balloons

Rie Hosokai She is an Japanese designer, and has created a fabric with unique charm: the balloons. Along with the art director Takashi Kawada, the collective known as ‘Daisy Balloon’ create clothes exciting and elegant, composed entirely of balloons of all shapes, sizes and colors. The skill, the genius, craftsmanship and creativity on display here […]

Origami Towels

If you know origami, the traditional Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes. And then there Oshibori art, the art of folding wet towels into animals, figures or anything. Oshibori art is the latest trend that has spread throughout Japan. The artist Isamu Sasagawa has made an art of folding towels in a new […]

Birds Musicians

A Brazilian artist has created a piece of music from a viral photos of nature, transforming a flock of birds in the notes of a pentagram. The result is fantastic! The birds are the real composers of the song but Jarbas Agnelli is a video maker Brazilian seeing birds on the electric wires had a brilliant […]

Crayons Crayola

The wax crayons are not only for color but can be transformed into small sculptures. The genius is Hoang Tran, carved by hand the tip of crayons obtaining an accuracy almost miniaturist, very detailed sculptures with his favorite subjects are the icons of pop culture, video games, cartoons: as Hello Kitty, Han Solo, the Ninja […]

Androids or robots?

Chihira Aico is an android communication, presented at the Toshiba booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2015. The robot is only by saying, “Hello, my name is Chihira Aico. I’m 32 years old, even though, technically, I was born in September of 2014. I am very expressive.” The Robot Company Toshiba are […]

The Lord Of The Rings, Sauron and the Cats

Tim Baker and team Superfan Builds, have managed to build a real tribute to the final film “Hobbit”. The team made the cottage of film making to become the real stars her cats, Frodo and Sam, realizing then a scratching post in the guise of Sauron. Everything was done by hand and studied in detail […]

Kenny, the tiger with Down Syndrome

Tigers are fantastic animals and at the same time dangerous but what succeden when man interferes with nature? Kenny is a white tiger that was selected in captivity at a zoo in the United States. Kenny is mentally retarded, has significant physical limitations, and is considered as the first tiger with down syndrome. This is […]

Video Games of Glass

Rick Daniels is a self-taught craftsman with a passion for video games. With little experience but with great desire to do has created a collection for all lovers of video games. His works, which incorporate icons of video games, are made of glass. The skill of Rick is such that makes the fine detail and […]

Beauties from the World

Each country has its own model of beauty and extravagance, sometimes even to ward off suitors too insistent. There is the tradition of the people of the Samburu in northern Kenya. When man finds his chosen woman and she returns, he will have to give her new necklaces of colored beads for aumentarela its beauty […]

Sounds to watch

Now you will see the audio frequencies, impossible to see with the naked eye. Nigel Stanford has managed to create a music video in which the sounds come to life through real scientific experiments. To achieve it used a Chladni plate, a water pipe, a cone speaker, the ferrofluid, a plasma lamp, a tube of […]

Traffic Signals

Clet (Clet Abraham) is a French artist who has lived for 18 years in Italy. His specialty is change, reinterpreting them in an ironic and irreverent, the signs of road signs. To create his works does not use paint or varnish but only paper and plastic adhesives. The parking tickets become icons of solidarity, signal […]

3D House for Hermit crabs

The Hermit crabs are used as shell shellfish shells abandoned by other animals or artifacts of wood or plastic. Aki Inomata is a young Japanese designer and artist and she has decided to create structures hollow plastic, made with a 3D printer, depicting famous skyline or other typical buildings. Aki Inomata to work has scanned […]

Giant Things

There are certain things we can only imagine, other that really exist and are sometimes really shocking! More info: The house of cards largest in the world? You play three hotels in Macau (China): The Venetian, Sands and the Plaza. The author is Brian Berg and built it in 2010 in 44 days using […]

The Parasites have a Museum

This is a real discovery, this museum is unique in the world! It talks about a topic that could create disgust but at the same time is very charming. The Museum of Parasites (Meguro Parasitological Museum) is located in a district near Shibuya, and the name of the museum comes from the River (Meguro-gawa) passing […]

Animals Cafè

We still speak of Japan, there are a lot of quirks, as there are many places of relaxation for many Japanese. In this article I will list a few, hope you like it! All now associate with Japan to cats and because here come the Neko Cafe or bar where customers can cuddle and play […]

Art History with Playmobiles

Pierre-Adrien Sollier is a French artist who has had a stroke of genius in creating what you see! He or the brilliant idea to create a series of reproductions of paintings, replacing the characters with Playmobiles. There is no why but the result is breathtaking, a marvel of skill and humor. Pierre-Adrien Sollier with a […]

Cat Eyes

Japan, you know is a land of technology and extravagances, one thing certain is that he is always right, drawing manga. The new trend coninvolge Japanese cat owners and to place before the eyes felines other eyes, those of manga !! The result is very funny and will make everyone laugh! It’s called “mounting cat” […]

Cat Lovers

She is Andreanne Lupien and shows her set of photos dedicated to all the “Crazy Cat Lovers” out there! If you are also a deidto cats you would not see it. The series of images honors cat lovers surrounded by their loved ones. Meow. More info: Boredpanda;  Andreanne Lupien

Barbie and Ken are Real

How many girls dreamed of being a beautiful Barbie accompanied by a beautiful boy, Ken? Many of you surely, but for you it would be only a sweet memory. But for two people has become a way of life, an obsession. Valeria Lukyanova Ukraine is a girl of 29 years, she claims to be at […]

Art of Frozen

All that is liquid and has to do with the water during the winter completely changes the face. Ponds, lakes and other water holes seem to mutate into fantasy scenarios. Our eyes are lost between the lines of these beauties and surreal colors, much to push us to walk over such beauty. More info: Boredpanda

Animated Tattoo

A Parisian artist has managed to create an animated tattoo, drawing on the skin of his guinea pig, a boy named Marco, a QR code, those framed by a video camera for mobile phones indicate … More info: scuolazoo

The race of Guinea Pigs

The bio park Nagasaki in Japan has created an ingenious way to move large amounts of guinea pigs and rodents between the cabinets. When the zoo staff must move the guinea pigs by a fence of giocoad another, extend a suspension bridge becomes when it is crossed by the guinea pigs, the most adorable site […]

Fruits Giants where you do not expect

Japan is known for his extravagance, because this time they decided to make it sweet and fruity bus stops. The fruits giants seem to be inspired by the giant pumpkin that becomes carriage in Cinderella. Stops the ‘bus take the form of watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes and oranges. But the distinction is that the 16 bus […]

Pets Hubcaps

Ptolemy Elrington creates sculptures unimaginable with the hubcaps of the wheels you see littering the side of the road. He has spent the last 12 years recycle beautiful and elegant sculptures of animals! His pieces sell for much – his sculptures can take anywhere from £ 200 to £ 10,000! Just look around on his […]

Kawaii Capuchin

The masterpieces of foam Kazuki Yamamoto, 26 year old Japanese delight customers of the bar where she works with unique pieces that transcend the boundaries of the cup. A perfect way to start the day. Kazuki, who works as the bartender, began with the two-dimensional paintings of milk and coffee, which can be seen on […]

Nature and one man

The grandeur of some landscapes compared with a small presence, man. These stunning photographs will make you want to put you in search of your spectacular place. More info: Focus

Reborn with prosthesis

Viktoria Modesta is a singer, was born in Latvia and has released her first music video on Channel 4, in which proudly displays his bionic leg. Being the first pop star to show a leg amputated has become a source of inspiration for many boys and girls. Viktoria was born with a dislocated hip and […]

Unique Gifts

Christmas is coming and has now bought what was found, but have a look here! There are great ideas to leave you speechless! Who knows maybe you will use these ideas for next Christmas! More info: Dodo 60 hours Candle. This candle is very special because it lasts a long time and is a gift […]


If we turn on a speaker, we know that the sound is widespread thanks to the vibrations, but what if we want to do an experiment? Buzzfeed is the experiment that we propose below. The materials used can be the most different, but the shocking fact and that each of the materials (such as cereals, eggs, milk, […]

Selfie Mania

Even the works of art they make Selfie nowadays, this joke of some creative on the web that you are indulged to put in hand a smartphone to the protagonists of works of art. Some results are really fun. More info: Focus  

Sculptures of Paper

Statues that look like marble but no! Works made of paper by the Chinese Li Hongbo. His statues are made with several layers of paper glued to the end and composed of pleats. To realize for example, a half-length layers are needed 6000 and once had the “block” with a cutter, the artist shapes the “statue” […]

Mr. Hoverboard

Ryan Craven, 27 years lives in Austin, Texas and is a fan of the saga “Back to the Future” as many kids. What is the distingiue that created a prototype arraggianto a hoverboard, a kind of skateboard wheel. Ryan says that he built the device using four leaf blowers, a 4ft by 4ft (1.2 by […]

The more insane Australian animals

These photos show that some places in the world, considered fantastic at the same time I am experienced as crazy and amazing places. Ladies and Gentlemen, Australia is one of these. The Pythons are so strong as to be able to eat a cow. Snakes find them shopping in stores. While playing golf you may […]


For all fans of the first games of the old console, due out July 24, 2015 in the United States the film Pixels. If the players of old games like Dongkingkong, Pacman, Arkanoid, Tetris, invaded the land, who would save us? Below are some posters of the future movie and a short film of Patrick […]

Beastly Make Up Art

Young artist Make up by enabling stunning, find it on Facebook: Candy makeup artist. In his works, there is no photo editing, but it is all the result of hard work and passion. Some photos posted in this article are wonderful despite indent creepy characters. More info: Candy make up artist :    

The Naha Harbor Diner

This is a restaurant built on an artificial tree. The Naha Harbor Diner in Okinawa, a life-size reconstruction of a banyan tree, also known as Gajumaru. Accessible from the rear with a spiral staircase or the elevator, the restaurant specializes in serving organic food that comes fresh from the farm. More info: Archintojapan

Weeds as Art

The artist Mona Caron is inspired by the plants we call weeds. She portrays them in much larger scale, almost diventantdo giant plants of a fantasy world. Here are his thoughts “Weeds” is the name given to the evil plants that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m recovering that name, as […]

The tastiest pools in Japan

There is a place in the world, pools, said in Japanese “onsen” . We are in Japan, in Hakone, a prestigious spa, Yunessun. If you search for a tasty spa pool, it offers different types. From the pool to the red wine both outdoors and indoors, or in coffee, green tea or to Sake. For a little […]

Anniversary of the Paper

In Japan today is the anniversary of the paper, in particular Origami, anitca technique to bend the cards and create figures. Source: Giappone Mon Amour

Fantastic Cakes

Here are some examples of beautiful cakes and hopefully very good, the fact is that the cakes are fantastic to watch. If you like the Jurassic world, this cake is the one for you. Much archaeological. If you like dragons and oriental symbols this cake-dragon is beautiful. Fans of Harry Potter, you can not see this […]

Entire city draw from memory

There is a boy of 28, who is able to do something amazing and wonderful at the same time. The boy draws views of cities he has visited, like New York, London and Paris, playing them back at a later time, but paying attention to all the details. What tramsette and that the boy while […]

The Shell House

Nautilus is the name of the shell house in Mexico City and was designed by Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica for a family tired of living in concrete houses. The structure, inspired by the creations of Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright, spiraling through a path that leads alcuore of the house, the TV room symbol […]