Beauties from the World

Each country has its own model of beauty and extravagance, sometimes even to ward off suitors too insistent. There is the tradition of the people of the Samburu in northern Kenya. When man finds his chosen woman and she returns, he will have to give her new necklaces of colored beads for aumentarela its beauty .
The giraffe women, correspond to the Padaung people. The collar wrapped around the neck from the initial weight of 3 kg increased every two years with a new ring: the neck under this vise comes to measuring 25-30 cm and is a symbol of femininity.
The are women earthenware, the Himba people of Namibia, Africa. Their make-up is very simple but effective, consisting of a mixture of ocher powder, herbs and goat butter that smear on the skin and around the braid of hair. This compound is used to protect the skin from sunburn and insect bites, and above all, gives women a beautiful reddish color, considered very sexy. The women of the tribe of Ethiopia Mursi, in fact, at age 15 incision is made on the lower lip. A hole is then gradually expanded with even more wide discs of wood or clay. Is a gem that serves very cumbersome to women to find her husband and when the disk is large means that the woman has reached sexual maturity. When the male attention become insistentiecco what happens; the women of the Indian tribe of the Apatani, for centuries, have had to endure the unwelcome advances of men of other ethnicities. And women have decided to divenrare ugly on purpose, to be left in peace.

Tradition has it that women are part of the large plates of dark wood in the nostrils. A practice that, over time, has become a “hallmark” of this tribe.

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