To Eat? Or Not To Eat?

Ounded in 2011 by the photographer and food stylist Claudia Castaldi and Stefano Citi, manufacturer designer TourDeFork is a culinary design studio. They work for both large companies and small local restaurants. Using the 3D printer, they are showing a real tour de force in the field of DIY and food. CASAfacile published in an Italian daily, they explain their actions and allow readers of the magazine download free freebies and other tutorials to achieve or even culinary project. In December 2014, they imagine an acrylic rings line, cut to the laser printer, which can be decorated with fruit or biscuits, or any other food that would come to mind. They become real diamonds, value objects to exhibit, while keeping the game banned not to play with food. This project is reminiscent of candy necklaces we had when we were little! (I eat? I not eat?)

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