Ekaterina Panikanova’s Paintings on Old Books

In her latest series entitled ‘Errata Corrige’, Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova explores the theme of childhood memories, inviting us to discover ourselves by reading behind the lines of our subconscious. Presented at Z2O Galleria during her first solo exhibition in Rome called ‘Un, due, tre, fuoco’, the series is a collection of aesthetic and conceptual works that make impressive use of an unusual medium. Borrowing its name from the Latin term used in publishing for the correction of a book after its original text is published, in ‘Errata Corrige’ Panikanova attempts to visually rewrite the innermost stories of the human psyche by directly intervening on the pages of open books. Arranging old books, notebooks and prints from different eras into an irregular grid, Panikanova puts together an unconventional oversized canvas of interrupted surfaces. Laid out in groups, the books resemble pieces of a puzzle that appear to be interchangeable yet heavily reliant on one another, very much like the experiences and memories that collectively piece together a lifetime. The outcome is a series of spectacular three-dimensional artworks that shy away from the conventional format of painting, flirting instead, with the set-up of an installation. We really like the effect of mixing elements of different paintings together to a completely new body of art. If you’d like to see more, check out her website.













Source: www.yatzer.com