Kokeshi Dolls

In the age of technology and the spread of 3D printers and ‘easy to forget the beauty and value of the traditional method. Yasuo Okazaki creates a doll Kokeshi style Naruko with a technique passed down for over 400 years. The Kokeshi are a type of traditional Japanese wooden dolls. They are a product that is part of the history and the past of the country of the rising sun but today Kokeshi are fashionable, for their simplicity and for their beauty becoming symbols of Japan. Made by hand, have a simple cylindrical body, which reproduces the traditional Japanese kimono, and a large spherical head, with a few stylized lines to define the character of the face. One characteristic of Kokeshi dolls is the lack of arms and legs. They all consist of a few simple pieces and hand painted one by one, and this is why the colors and the expression of the face are slightly different even in the same model, making Kokeshi doll unique and interesting. Each doll has its own name full of meaning and refined design fully expresses the passion of the artists who make these unique models. There are two types of kokeshi dolls: the kokeshi kokeshi traditional and creative, the latter are those that we present and developed during the Second World War, they differ from traditional to both the bust, much more rounded, both for ‘ use of modern colors and patterns. Besides being beautiful ornaments for homes, are considered auspicious against bad luck and considered a fine collector’s item to give to very special people.

Info: japancoolture.comartigianatogiapponese.it