Mini Beautiful Urban Landscapes

Michigan-based artist Taylor Mazer recently crafted incredibly small drawings that are no larger than your average pencil. He has a keen eye for the city. But what you won’t find in his work are postcard views of famous monuments. Rather Mazer favors the less glamorous side of the city. Street signs, lamp polls, highways and electrical lines are all common images in his work. They often feature urban structures like abandoned alleys and desolate buildings, but the artist sketches idyllic-looking mountain ranges, too.
Mazer’s combination of pen and pencil does a fantastic job of setting a mood. The technique produces rich blacks and soft grays that cloak the subjects in mysterious shadows – there are just a few selective details of solitary doors, half-lit buildings, and narrow passageways. These drawings highlight the artist’s great technical skill as well as his ability to ignite our imaginations using minimal tools and space.










His meticulously detailed drawings are both elegant and gritty. It’s hard to look at a Taylor’s drawing and not want to get up close to follow his lines, or to become captivated by his dramatic shading, and stark light and dark contrasts. So when Taylor draws a trashcan or a street pole, he’s not shedding a negative light on the city (in fact, he seems to love it!), rather he is simply asking that we look at it from the less obvious perspective. And sometimes that makes all the difference.


Source: wikigag, artistaday