Nature and one man

The grandeur of some landscapes compared with a small presence, man. These stunning photographs will make you want to put you in search of your spectacular place.

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Cabo Pulmo, in Messico

Mika Woyda diving off Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

ghiacciaio di Fjallsárlón, in Islanda

Fjallsarlon glacier in Iceland

grotta dell'Alaska

Cave Alaska

'Haffner Creek Canyon, all'interno del Kootenay National Park, Canada

Haffner Creek Canyon, in the Kootenay National Park, Canada

Lo spettacolo della natura. the Waterfall  to the South coast

Unspecified Waterfall

lago glaciale Minnewanka

Paul Zizka, on the shores of glacial Lake Minnewanka

Lago McArthur, nella British Columbia

Callum Snape, McArthur Lake, British Columbia

Minnestimma Lake, nella provincia canadese di Alberta.

Callum Snape, Minnestimma Lake, in the Canadian province of Alberta.

San Wang Dong

Cave of St. Wang Dong, in the Chinese province of Chongqing


Ivan Pedretti, Sardinia

scie di stelle sopra a Castle Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Callum Snape, Castle Mountain, Alberta, Canada

Tourist at Wave Rock, Western Australia

Wave Rock, the northern part of Hyden Rock, Australia