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  • Hungarian Banknote Concept Designed by Barbara Bernát

  • Kokeshi Dolls

  • Pantone Sample Versions of Art Masterpieces

Bioluminescent Forest: new project of video mapping

A forest that is illuminated by magic. The two artists who light up small bits of nature, thanks to technology, are Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad. The two artists coming to extend into a key new project the traditional area of application of video mapping, choosing a field of action unprecedented : from urban settings […]

Barbie and Ken are Real

How many girls dreamed of being a beautiful Barbie accompanied by a beautiful boy, Ken? Many of you surely, but for you it would be only a sweet memory. But for two people has become a way of life, an obsession. Valeria Lukyanova Ukraine is a girl of 29 years, she claims to be at […]

Art of Frozen

All that is liquid and has to do with the water during the winter completely changes the face. Ponds, lakes and other water holes seem to mutate into fantasy scenarios. Our eyes are lost between the lines of these beauties and surreal colors, much to push us to walk over such beauty. More info: Boredpanda

Animated Tattoo

A Parisian artist has managed to create an animated tattoo, drawing on the skin of his guinea pig, a boy named Marco, a QR code, those framed by a video camera for mobile phones indicate … More info: scuolazoo

The race of Guinea Pigs

The bio park Nagasaki in Japan has created an ingenious way to move large amounts of guinea pigs and rodents between the cabinets. When the zoo staff must move the guinea pigs by a fence of giocoad another, extend a suspension bridge becomes when it is crossed by the guinea pigs, the most adorable site […]

Fruits Giants where you do not expect

Japan is known for his extravagance, because this time they decided to make it sweet and fruity bus stops. The fruits giants seem to be inspired by the giant pumpkin that becomes carriage in Cinderella. Stops the ‘bus take the form of watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes and oranges. But the distinction is that the 16 bus […]

Tire art | Rubber animal and hybrid

“My concept is mutation—mutants,” the artist, Oh JiYoung, explains.  “The product is from nature,” from the white sap of latex trees, “But here it’s changed. The color is black. The look is scary. Rubber is very flexible, like skin, like muscles.” He chooses animals that are often seen as “monsters,” then obsesses over every detail—each muscle, […]

Daily Critter Playing cards

    Playing cards is fun, but why can’t the playing cards themselves be fun? Introducing the Daily Critter playing cards. A deck of 54 illustrated puns! Every card was hand painted using water colors. Printed by the United States playing card company.       Source: www.kickstarter.com

Photos Depicting Toddlers as Seniors by Zachary Scott

A series of photographs by Zachary Scott depicts toddlers as seniors. Scott and his team used makeup, prosthetics, and photo manipulation to create the effect. The series was done for a New York Times feature on the topic of reverse aging and the connection between the mind and the body.       Source: www.laughingsquid.com

A miniature worlds by Alamedy Diorama

A talented artist from Ankara (Turkey) creates amazingly realistic miniatures and vignettes. All parts in these look like real, despite the fact that they are reduced by 24 times compared with the originals. Artist Alamedy engaged in the creation of miniatures, dioramas and vignettes. He now lives and works in Ankara, but the young man was […]

Prismatica – Light Installation in Montreal

The Canadian study of architecture RAW recently presented Prismatic , installation of public art in Montreal starring 50 glass prisms capable of projecting C in different directions. The structures, scattered throughout the Place des Festivals, allow visitors to walk accompanied by flashes of light kaleidoscopic, with the effect that during the night, expresses its full potential by […]

Photography Series about Dark Decayed Rooms by Kankrela

This is the photography series about dark decayed rooms.The author, the photographer, graphic designer and videographer, Kankrela made these photos during the last four years when she exploring many abandoned places in France to capture their past greatness. She want to convey that “end of civilization” feeling through her photography and show that everything is short-lived and […]

Creative Arts With Everyday Objects

Portuguese artist Victor Nunes creates amusing and playful drawings using just a black pen and bits of everyday objects. Scissors become a bicycle, lettuce turns into a dress and pop corn transforms into an elephant’s head – nothing is impossible with a wild imagination. Victor Nune makes everyday objects into Imaginative Illustrations. i hope you […]

Looking Up Hong Kong: Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart, a travel photographer based in Australia, has found a great way to make Hong Kong’s masses of repetitive high-rise apartment buildings interesting again. His “Stacked – Hong Kong” architectural photography series seeks out some of the most repetitive sights in Hong Kong and turns them into hypnotizing compositions. “All it takes really is […]

The most beautiful snowflake photos

Macro photography excels at bringing out amazing details in things too otherwise tiny to appreciate. ‘Tis the season, so what better time to see what snowflakes really look like? Photographer Alexey Kljatov captures them on a glass surface back-lit by LED light, or in natural light using dark, woolen fabrics for backgrounds. Let’s check out […]

Pets Hubcaps

Ptolemy Elrington creates sculptures unimaginable with the hubcaps of the wheels you see littering the side of the road. He has spent the last 12 years recycle beautiful and elegant sculptures of animals! His pieces sell for much – his sculptures can take anywhere from £ 200 to £ 10,000! Just look around on his […]

People’s Portraits in Fast Food

Junk food culture can be inspirational too. English artist James Ostrer has created a series of creepy portraits of people covered in fast food: cream, sweets, burgers, etc. The artist put layers of sweets and other food products on models and then photographed them. “I wanted to engulf myself in sugary foods hoping that by doing […]

Mind’s Feelings by SirChild

His name is SirChild. He’s 23-years-old artist from Hungary. He has been making digital paintings for a year because he like expressing his feelings and experiences from his mind. He would like to create a colorful world and achieve something effective on people. Sometimes his artworks contain a little social criticism as well. Very beautiful! Source: www.boredpanda.com

The True Face Of Cartoon

As talented as the illustrators at Disney and Warner Brothers are, even they cannot draw their expressive characters out of thin air. They, and other professional animators, often use mirrors to model for themselves as they draw their characters’ frowns and grins. The sight of these legendary professionals form the 1950s and later sitting at […]

The Food becomes Jewel

From the sheen of grease on the strips of bacon to the moisture on a piece of melon, this selection of food looks nothing short of mouthwatering. However, the work of Japanese artist Norihito Hatanaka, these delicious-looking dishes are, in fact, fashioned out of plastic. Norihito usually works producing food and meal displays for restaurants and shops […]

Kawaii Capuchin

The masterpieces of foam Kazuki Yamamoto, 26 year old Japanese delight customers of the bar where she works with unique pieces that transcend the boundaries of the cup. A perfect way to start the day. Kazuki, who works as the bartender, began with the two-dimensional paintings of milk and coffee, which can be seen on […]

X-Ray Art

When an artist passes Nature through X-ray and colorizes the pictures obtained to create some amazing images of plants and animals… Creations made by Dutch artist Arie van’t Riet, a medical physicist with a PhD in radiology, who stumbled into the world of art. To achieve his fascinating images, Arie van’t Riet creates compositions with […]

Nature and one man

The grandeur of some landscapes compared with a small presence, man. These stunning photographs will make you want to put you in search of your spectacular place. More info: Focus

Rice fields that look like broken glass

Rice is a staple of half of the world’s population and has been instrumental in our efforts to prevent potential famines, but that’s only part of what makes it such a beautiful plant. The flooded rice paddies that stretch across the Far East and other areas that cultivate rice are stunningly beautiful, lending their landscapes […]

Herb Art: Mixed Media Artwork Using Dried Herbs

Working with the amazing artist and director Mustashrik, Baldwins – a London herbalist – created a range of artwork to illustrate natural beauty. The brief was to create portraits which in some way display the feeling of being beautiful from the inside out. Using a combination of natural ingredients (including rose buds, jasmine flowers, blue mallow, […]

Most Beautiful Book Sculptures

Old and heavy books always seem like a mysterious and infinite well of wisdom and imagination. That moment, when you pick up an old book from a shelf and wipe away thick layer of dust from it‘s cover, is full of magic. However, book is so much more than pages full of words. I’ve always thought […]

Best Christmas Card by Peter Thorpe & Raggle

Bristol-based photographer Peter Thorpe has a great little tradition that he started 20 years ago. For his annual holiday card, he transforms Raggle, his dog, into various animals. He started this tradition with Paddy, and now continues with Raggle. Other photographers would often turn to Photoshop, but Peter uses real props instead. When the photos […]

Master of illusion: Rob Gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves is a famous Canadian painter. Enthused by such legendary artists like Dali, Tanguy, Magritte and Escher; Rob Gonsalves urbanized his have possession of unique method by unite his architectural knowledge with the feel affection for for painting. A wise use of perspective and associations allow him to merge two seemingly dissimilar realistic scenes […]

Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures

Do babies dream when they sleep, or they simply rest peacefully? Queenie Liao, a free-lance artist and mother of three boys living in California, has tried to answer this question by sharing the adventurous dramas that her child Wengenn dreams of during his sleep. Combining artistry and imagination with photography, Queenie has created captivating photos using […]

Amazingly Disturbing Porcelain Figurines By Maria Rubinke

Maria Rubinke is a young Danish artist based in Copenhagen. She is best known for her porcelain figurines depicting gruesome scenes. We are sure these pieces of art will divide our readers in those who love them and those who are disgusted by them. By the way, these porcelain figurines are undeniably different from everything we’ve […]

The World’s Most Colorful Buildings

For some reason, most of the world seems to be stuck in a rut when it comes to building colors. But the buildings on this list abandon the usual grays, browns, yellows and whites for bold splashes of color. Most people would probably prefer having colorful buildings like these, but there are a few practical reasons […]

38 Clever Packaging!

It was 1035 when a Persian traveler walked into a market in Cairo and noted that vegetables, spices and hardware were wrapped in paper for the customers. This is the earliest record of packaging. Since then, packaging has evolved into a great industry that serves so many purposes for modern society, making package design one […]

20 Fabulous Balloon Decorations

Decorations, especially for celebrations are really hard to find because they need to be something creative and really unique at the same time if you want your guests to be impressed with something they haven’t seen before. One of the best decorations for celebrations and parties are the ones that people usually consider only as kids’ […]

Quilling Art

There are a lot of artists today making gorgeous and interesting work with this humble art form. For those who are unfamiliar with this technique, it involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. They can range from wall hangings, to cards, to 3D figurines and […]

27 Clever Inventions to make your life easier!

There are people, all over the world, who are inventing new products every day. Even if you’re not looking to make your life a lot easier you’ll want these 27 clever household items. Believe me, you’re going to want to buy everything on this list!   Source: www.architecturendesign.net

Creative Living

It is amazing when you put some little and creative table in your living room. A table can be really a decoration for your living room especially when it is with cool and unique design. We have tried in this post to show you 20 of the most coolest design of coffee table. Enjoy!!!       Source: www.worldinsidepictures.com

Reborn with prosthesis

Viktoria Modesta is a singer, was born in Latvia and has released her first music video on Channel 4, in which proudly displays his bionic leg. Being the first pop star to show a leg amputated has become a source of inspiration for many boys and girls. Viktoria was born with a dislocated hip and […]

Unique Gifts

Christmas is coming and has now bought what was found, but have a look here! There are great ideas to leave you speechless! Who knows maybe you will use these ideas for next Christmas! More info: Dodo 60 hours Candle. This candle is very special because it lasts a long time and is a gift […]

Instagram photos invaded by funny cartoons

Lucas Levitan, a Brazilian illustrator based in London, has a wild imagination that seems to invent alternative stories for everything he sees. In an image series that he calls “Photo Invasion,” Levitan invades other Instagram users’ photos with silly, inventive and sometimes awkward illustrations. Levitan’s no common thief – he makes sure to credit the […]


If we turn on a speaker, we know that the sound is widespread thanks to the vibrations, but what if we want to do an experiment? Buzzfeed is the experiment that we propose below. The materials used can be the most different, but the shocking fact and that each of the materials (such as cereals, eggs, milk, […]

It wasn’t me! Animals that destroyed Christmas

Your cat or dog might be the most adorable and innocent creature in the world, but when the holiday season comes around, they can suddenly become wild and unstoppable destroyers. Your house, with all of its Christmas decorations and especially your Christmas tree, becomes their terrible playground. These pictures capture some of the worst Christmas […]

Disney Gender Bender

If the Disney character will change their geneder, how they’ll look like? Sakimi chan thought about it, realizing some beautiful drawings.

The Gingerbread House for homeless

Christmas season is ‘gingerbread house’ season. Therefore, we propose to take the gingerbread house to the next level: the Gingerbread Loft! For sale: the profits will be donated to a charity for the homeless in your neighborhood. Merry Christmas! Source: www.boredbanda.com

Goodbye Marty Mouse

Meet Marty Mouse, which isn’t truly a mouse, just like Virginia Wolf isn’t truly a wolf. He is actually an adorable little dumbo pet rat. Marty Mouse was rescued from a pet shop in 2013 where he lived alone in a plastic box. Now he has a loving home where his owners stay with him […]

1010’s Wall Holes

1010 is both a gallery and street artist  in Germany with a passion for surreal figures, geometric illusions and other visual trickery. Recently finished working on this impressive new piece somewhere on the streets of Hamburg, Germany for the Knotenpunkt Festival. The simple technique looks a lot like the work of a growing number of paper […]

This is Artist’s Book: Sententia

Visual artist Artem Ogurtsov creates dazzlingly enigmatic books out of paper made and cut entirely by hand. This books are unlike any other you’ve seen before! Using watercolor, acrylic, and gold leaf, Ogurtsov adorns these books with florid, mesmerizing illustrations of the human eye, along with delicate abstract and geometric patterns. The title of the […]

Selfie Mania

Even the works of art they make Selfie nowadays, this joke of some creative on the web that you are indulged to put in hand a smartphone to the protagonists of works of art. Some results are really fun. More info: Focus  

Sculptures of Paper

Statues that look like marble but no! Works made of paper by the Chinese Li Hongbo. His statues are made with several layers of paper glued to the end and composed of pleats. To realize for example, a half-length layers are needed 6000 and once had the “block” with a cutter, the artist shapes the “statue” […]

Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza Bruta is a theatre show created in Buenos Aires in 2005. Every show is spectacular and energetic, and it gives 360 degree experience, where alla the performes interact directly with the audience. “Flood your senses with heart-thrashing fun, pulse-pumping live music and breathtaking aerial acrobatics!” Fuerza Bruta Take a look at these videos too: […]

Mr. Hoverboard

Ryan Craven, 27 years lives in Austin, Texas and is a fan of the saga “Back to the Future” as many kids. What is the distingiue that created a prototype arraggianto a hoverboard, a kind of skateboard wheel. Ryan says that he built the device using four leaf blowers, a 4ft by 4ft (1.2 by […]

Flowers frozen in blocks of ice

By freezing beautiful and colorful flowers into large blocks of ice, Japanese artist Kenji Shibata has created a subject for his photos that is both strikingly beautiful and poignantly symbolic. His “Locked in the Ether” photo series features flowers literally frozen in time, cut down and preserved in ice to both save and destroy their […]

The more insane Australian animals

These photos show that some places in the world, considered fantastic at the same time I am experienced as crazy and amazing places. Ladies and Gentlemen, Australia is one of these. The Pythons are so strong as to be able to eat a cow. Snakes find them shopping in stores. While playing golf you may […]

Portraits of portraits

The self-titled show features a series of large-scale paintings by Kim Dong Yoo that, from afar, depict a single grand portrait of notables from John F. Kennedy to Michael Jackson. Upon closer inspection, however, one realizes that the work is actually comprised of hundreds of smaller portraits of other, connected figures from Marilyn Monroe to […]


For all fans of the first games of the old console, due out July 24, 2015 in the United States the film Pixels. If the players of old games like Dongkingkong, Pacman, Arkanoid, Tetris, invaded the land, who would save us? Below are some posters of the future movie and a short film of Patrick […]

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

In Hwacheon, every winter, takes place the Sancheoneo (mount trout) Ice Festival. So, if you’re in South Korea right now you can go to Gangwon-go and try trout fishing on the ice, even with your bare hands! You can also look at the marvellous ice sculpture, this here including Yi Sun Sin’s turtle ship and the […]

Beastly Make Up Art

Young artist Make up by enabling stunning, find it on Facebook: Candy makeup artist. In his works, there is no photo editing, but it is all the result of hard work and passion. Some photos posted in this article are wonderful despite indent creepy characters. More info: Candy make up artist : BoredPanda.com    

The Naha Harbor Diner

This is a restaurant built on an artificial tree. The Naha Harbor Diner in Okinawa, a life-size reconstruction of a banyan tree, also known as Gajumaru. Accessible from the rear with a spiral staircase or the elevator, the restaurant specializes in serving organic food that comes fresh from the farm. More info: Archintojapan

Conceptual Photography

Conceptual photography is an art of getting your ‘concept’ across the mind of the viewer using just the contents of a photograph. It is a genre of photography where a photographer puts various things in the scenery so that his idea or concept becomes clear to perceive. Most of the times,computers are used for blending […]

Good Lunch with Samantha Lee

“I’m always happy to inspire other mums out there to create cute food art for their kids. It doesn’t have to be done every day; just try it once in a while…” Samantha Lee Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother who creates fun, creative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and over half […]

Weeds as Art

The artist Mona Caron is inspired by the plants we call weeds. She portrays them in much larger scale, almost diventantdo giant plants of a fantasy world. Here are his thoughts “Weeds” is the name given to the evil plants that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m recovering that name, as […]

Trick eye museum in Seoul

The Trickeye Museum is an art gallery with paintings created using ‘trompe l’oeil’ techniques that give each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D. Instead of merely viewing paintings (as in a typical art gallery) visitors can interact with the paintings, posing themselves just right so that they look as if they are […]

Old paintbrushes painted into heads of woman

In a poetic twist of fate, end-of-life paintbrushes are whittled down and sculpted into artwork by San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto. Tools that were once used to create artwork, now bear the face of female portraits largely inspired by women of the Renaissance period and other female figures of art history. Szeto, who previously worked […]

Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz

World renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has been capturing shots of celebrities as popular Disney characters for years, as part of her ongoing collection of Disney Dream Portraits. The latest addition to her portfolio of work is Academy Award nominated actress Jessica Chastain as the fiery-haired Merida from the animated feature filmBrave. Leibovitz’s series takes beloved […]

Creative Advertising

Everyone knows that advertising is boring , and often change the channel immediately. Advertisers know that today , in the digital age , it is increasingly difficult to attract people’s attention. The only solution to this problem is using creativity. Here are collected the last and the most well- managed advertising. Have fun! Pubb

Sushi Art

For a creative mind, anything can be made into art even a dish as specific and traditional as sushi. Japanese say that sushi is already an art form, but we think that these creative reinterpretations of this delicious dish are amazing! Can we call it Sushi Art? Source: www.boredpanda.com

The Nature’s Colors

Land art is about the doing, not the viewing of the end result. If you have any sort of love for nature then I encourage you to make your own. A few hours spent somewhere studying the materials you find and the place you are in can be magical, calming and peaceful. Richard Shilling Richard […]

Wang Yue Paintings: en EXTREE MAKEOVER

“I just thought the trees look miserable in the gray winter, leafless and colorless, Why don’t I give them some color and make them more beautiful?” In the city of Shijiazhuang, China, an artist has brought smiles to pedestrians by painting drab tree holes and turning them into works of art. Since February, over eleven tree […]

The Ventriloquist Museum

One of the strangest museum in the world? For sure the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum Fort Mitchell, Kentucky!! Indeed this museum home more than 800 ventriloquist dummies, thousands of photographs of famous performers and a library full of ventriloquism books. It also hosts an annual convention of practitioners. Figures on display include a replica of […]

The mess of emotions

It’s a set of self-portraits in acrylic by Lee Rim. The artist first performed in front of a photographer playing with colors, then she chose the best shots to make them on the canvas. The central aspect of the entire work are the emotional aspects of human mentality.

The tram in Budapest look like time machines

If you ever find yourself in Budapest, Hungary for the winter holidays, don’t miss the wonderfully festive Christmas trams, local streetcars decorated with over 30,000 twinkling LED lights. People of all ages and nationalities marvel at the special trolleys each winter, mesmerized by the sight of thousands of blue-and-white lights glittering like stars in the […]

The tastiest pools in Japan

There is a place in the world, pools, said in Japanese “onsen” . We are in Japan, in Hakone, a prestigious spa, Yunessun. If you search for a tasty spa pool, it offers different types. From the pool to the red wine both outdoors and indoors, or in coffee, green tea or to Sake. For a little […]

Anniversary of the Paper

In Japan today is the anniversary of the paper, in particular Origami, anitca technique to bend the cards and create figures. Source: Giappone Mon Amour

Fantastic Cakes

Here are some examples of beautiful cakes and hopefully very good, the fact is that the cakes are fantastic to watch. If you like the Jurassic world, this cake is the one for you. Much archaeological. If you like dragons and oriental symbols this cake-dragon is beautiful. Fans of Harry Potter, you can not see this […]

Christmas 2014: 10 most spectacular illuminations in the world

Christmas is coming and now cities around the world are covered in decorations, scenographies and spectacular light effects to begin the most beautiful festivity of the year. The top 10 most beautiful and magical illuminations of 2014 are: 1. London, UK   2. Tokyo, Japan   3. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil   […]

Entire city draw from memory

There is a boy of 28, who is able to do something amazing and wonderful at the same time. The boy draws views of cities he has visited, like New York, London and Paris, playing them back at a later time, but paying attention to all the details. What tramsette and that the boy while […]

Dandelions glow lamps

Dandelions are many things: a symbol of spring’s arrival, a source of latex, a beneficial weed for gardeners. But a lamp? Kind of unbelievable, but it’s true! Cinematographer Takao Inoue designed the ‘OLED TAMPOPO’, a dandelion that’s also a household lamp. In order to create the one-of-a-kind lamps, pristine dandelions were delicately harvested then sealed […]

Glow in the dark table by Mike Warren

Mike Warren just released a tutorial of how to fill the naturally formed voids in pecky cypress with photoluminescent powder mixed with clear casting resin. The effect is pretty amazing. The glow powder charges up in sunlight and emits a cool blue glow when in partial or complete darkness. To see how he did it you can […]

The Shell House

Nautilus is the name of the shell house in Mexico City and was designed by Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica for a family tired of living in concrete houses. The structure, inspired by the creations of Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright, spiraling through a path that leads alcuore of the house, the TV room symbol […]