The more insane Australian animals

These photos show that some places in the world, considered fantastic at the same time I am experienced as crazy and amazing places. Ladies and Gentlemen, Australia is one of these.

The Pythons are so strong as to be able to eat a cow.

pitone e ciuco

Snakes find them shopping in stores.

pitone negozio

While playing golf you may run into a pit full of snakes or have the pond with a shark inside.

PicMonkey Collage

The snakes you can find them in the toilet.

serpente e bagno

A snake can eat a giant iguana.


Besides the snakes of various sizes, your neighbors will be the favorite crocodiles in many different ways: during a dip in the sea, in flooded streets, or a crocodile inside the stomach of a snake and finally a crocodile simply enormous.

PicMonkey Collage 4

Then you could take a mole cricket to keep you company

grillo talpa

Or if you are afraid of snakes but not of millipedes, could be an ally. The giant centipede kills snakes.


Irukandji jellyfish, this is the most dangerous animal in Australia, even if it is very small as a bilgia, its venom is 100x more powerful than a cobra.


There are the blue-ringed octopus, very beautiful to see, but it is a mortal race for the man so much that has not yet been found an antidote.


To miss anything, in Australia there is the most poisonous fish of the earth: the Stonefish.


Despite all this, Australia is always a nice place.