Recycled Metal Animal Sculpture

Last year’s Sculpturewalk was one Carl Sean McMahon remembers fondly. His ‘Linotype Wapiti’, created primarily from an old printing press at the Castlegar News, won the overall Peoples Choice Award, selected as the favourite of all those who voted over the four month balloting period. The end result sees McMahon’s sculpture permanently displayed at Castlegar City Hall. This artist is back this year with yet another imaginative sculpture, again using recycled materials. The five and a half foot ‘Sentinel’ portrays an eagle perched on a basalt rock column, wings full and draped downward, almost to the ground. “This creates negative space that allows shadows to be cast on the column,” says the artist. “I’ve also built up the body to accentuate the guarded and vigilant pose he has assumed.”








Source: wikigag