Kokeshi Dolls

In the age of technology and the spread of 3D printers and ‘easy to forget the beauty and value of the traditional method. Yasuo Okazaki creates a doll Kokeshi style Naruko with a technique passed down for over 400 years. The Kokeshi are a type of traditional Japanese wooden dolls. They are a product that is […]

The Robot That Can Play Morra Chinese

There pc win tournaments in sacks, checkers, cards … Now comes the robot that can beat the time a human being morra Chinese. The robot was developed at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory the university of Tokyo and is able to win 100% of the time against a human at the game of scissors-paper-rock. It’s useless […]

Androids or robots?

Chihira Aico is an android communication, presented at the Toshiba booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2015. The robot is only by saying, “Hello, my name is Chihira Aico. I’m 32 years old, even though, technically, I was born in September of 2014. I am very expressive.” The Robot Company Toshiba are […]

3D printing: Kinematics dress

The tailored suit printing in 3D. “Indeed, in 4D” says the design’s study US Nervous System, which has managed to achieve – within the project Kinematics – a perfect cocktail dress entirely packed with a printer in three dimensions. The Kinematics system provides a way to turn any three-dimensional shape into a flexible structure using […]

Sounds to watch

Now you will see the audio frequencies, impossible to see with the naked eye. Nigel Stanford has managed to create a music video in which the sounds come to life through real scientific experiments. To achieve it used a Chladni plate, a water pipe, a cone speaker, the ferrofluid, a plasma lamp, a tube of […]

Bioluminescent Forest: new project of video mapping

A forest that is illuminated by magic. The two artists who light up small bits of nature, thanks to technology, are Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad. The two artists coming to extend into a key new project the traditional area of application of video mapping, choosing a field of action unprecedented : from urban settings […]