Giant Things

There are certain things we can only imagine, other that really exist and are sometimes really shocking!

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The house of cards largest in the world? You play three hotels in Macau (China): The Venetian, Sands and the Plaza. The author is Brian Berg and built it in 2010 in 44 days using 218 792 cards.


Have you ever thought of a giant pizza? Well there! The world’s largest round pizza is Italian: it is called Octavia, and was fired in 2012 in Rome. Measuring 40 meters in diameter and dress it were needed, in order, 4000 kg of tomato and mozzarella, 190 kg of oil, 675 kg of margarine, 250 kg of sea salt, 100 kg of arugula, 125 kg of Parmesan cheese and 25 kg of balsamic vinegar DOP. For a total weight of 23,250 kg.


Do you love to dance in the disco? Here for you the disco ball world’s largest has a diameter of 10 meters and it really works: the last time it was used in April 2012, for a party in Moscow.

Disco Ball World Record


It is not what it seems, is not a lake, but it’s a pool: the world’s largest. It is located in the residence of San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile. Long over 1 km, covers 8 hectares and in some places it is 32 meters deep. Instead of swimming in the pool, here you go by boat.


We could not talk about trees, Sequoia is the largest tree in the world is the General Sherman, more than 83 meters high and with a diameter of 7.62 meters. Could have between 2300 and 2700 years and is located in Sequoia National Park, California (USA).



There is also the largest cave in the world and is the Son Doong cave, in Vietnam, in the national park of Phong Nha-Ke Bang: 9 km long and 152 meters deep. Is spectacular, yet awesome!


To round off, he could not miss the cue giant chocolate! Created by Thorntons Plc, in October of 2011 in Britain, the largest chocolate bar of all weighs 5,792 kg and measures 4 meters by 4. The surprise and that is the chocolate was eaten whole!